Monday, August 3, 2009

DAP use wang rakyat Selangor to pay Sin Chew Media

The DAP has also used wang rakyat Selangor to pay to Sin Chew Media Corporation Bhd owner of Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper. In just two months September 08 and December 08 there are two times payments made to Sin Chew. From the funds of one ADUN only.

There is no money paid to other Pakatan newspaper. Other ADUN also made contribution using wang rakyat to Sin Chew media corporation.

Why must wang rakyat Selangor be used to pay for Sin Chew newspaper karnival and program lawatan? This is just to influence the Sin Chew media berhad to write friendly news about DAP and don't point out any wrong doing. This is not freedom of the Press.

This is two times corruption. First taking wang rakyat. And then using wang rakyat to corrupt the Sin Chew newspaper.