Tuesday, July 28, 2009

9,990 Ronnie Liu's feng shui number

We continuing with how Ronnie Liu steal the rakyat money from Selangor govt and put it into private acount for DAP benefits.

The election was March 08. From July 08 the Pakatan govt already in charge of the Selangor govt fully. So from July 08 Ronnie Liu start giving many of the contracts to his cronies. The money come back to DAP.

DAP steal money from the rakyat but never share with Pas and PKR. So DAP get all the money but Pas and PKR carry all the risk also, because if this corruption exposed in the public, PKR and Pas will suffer also.

From July 2008 Ronnie Liu give out 83 contracts for more than $200,000 to one crony Wong Chun How in Sungai Pelek only - just one kawasan. Sungei Pelek is BN seat in Selangor but just like UMNO, the Pakatan never give any money to the BN ADUN in Sungei Pelek. They pass the money only for Pakatan cronies through Ronnie Liu. Ronnie Liu is ADUN for Pandamaran but he also is in charge of Sg Pelek (which is BN ADUN).

Ronnie Liu has admitted that Wong Chun How works for him. But Ronnie Liu's explaination that Wong deals with the Pejabat Daerah in Sungai Pelek to ensure the allocations for the rakyat go to the people is lying. Eg in Bil 162, there is payment $1000 for cenderahati for JKKK visitors from Seberang Perai, Penang on 8.11.08. Also in Bil 166 there is $2000 spent on pertandingan karaoke. Ronnie Liu is now saying the Sungei Pelek Pejabat Daerah use rakyat money to buy cenderahati for visitors and for pertandingan karaoke. Can the Pejabat Daerah confirm?

The money does not go for the rakyat. The DAP steal the money. They pretend only to spend the money for silly small projects. Sometimes they just dont care and simply put a figure just to steal the money out. One example figure is $9.990. This is Ronnie Liu feng shui lucky number. Here is a list of projects that cost exactly RM9,990. One of the Ronnie Liu crony company is Oligon Solution Enterprise. The document is also scanned:

These are some of the projects which are used to steal the money. All fake projects given to crony to steal money. Tebang pokok in Bandar Damai Perdana is $9,990. Dialog sama penduduk in Balakong also $9,990. Gotong Royong in Taman Tun Perak also $9,990. How come exactly the same figure for tebang pokok, gotong royong or dialog?

And why so many times give just to the same company Oligon Solution Enterprise or AOL Management Consultancy. These are all crony companis. What happened to Open Tender for all contract? The Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said Selangor state govt will open tender for all contracts. So how come Oligon Solution Enterprise get so many contracts?

We already explained how Ronnie Liu and DAP have formula with crony company to share all the rakyat money they steal. Please refer the earlier stories. First 10% goes to the DAP ADUN there. Then DAP headoffice also gets a big portion.

DAP is stealing the rakyat's money. Under Pakatan there is not enough money from the BN federal govt to Selangor state govt. Selangor state govt need all the money for development of Selangor. But the DAP is stealing this little money so how to develop Selangor? And they dont share with Pas or PKR who dont know the DAP is stealing the money.